Amen$ Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Amen Dollar (Amen$) just started .

The Timeline

There is no time limit for our ICO, but it will finish when we reach the market cap of 100 million USD.

The Currency

We have developed Amen$ and 153 unique Amen Country Currencies.

During the ICO we will only offer Amen$ (Amen International Currency) for sale.

Converting Amen$ to your country currency

Once the ICO is complete, you can exchange your Amen$ to any of the 153 Amen Country Currencies or purchase your local Amen country currency to buy goods and services from your local market.

The Price

Starting price is $0.0009 USD per one Amen$.

The price will increase as more Amen$ are purchased, so the earlier you buy, the better price you will get and the more value you will receive.

Two ways to purchase Amen$:

(1) Buy Amen$ using Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit card on the Waves Exchange

If you currently hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves or any other blockchain assets, you can exchange them for Amen$ in 4 easy steps:

  • Register or Login to Waves Exchange
  • Add cryptocurrency or fiat currency to your Waves Wallet.
  • Search for Amen$ on the Exchange
  • Select the Trading Pair You Like and Exchange for Amen$

(2) Buy Amen$ using Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card from our Amen$ Peer to Peer (P2P) Representative.

You can purchase between 100 and two million USD

Email Amen$ P2P Representative at

Receive detailed instructions on where to send your payment

Receive Amen$ in your Wallet within 24 Hours

Guaranteed delivery of Amen$, if you have any problem please open a ticket


When you purchase one million USD or more from Amen$ P2P Representative, you receive 10% Bonus.