The World’s first stable and usable global blockchain cryptocurrency.  Amen$ is open-source, trusted and secured by all fiat currencies in the world including USD, Euro, Chinese Renminbi, Japanese Yen, Saudi Arabia Riyal.  Amen$ is accepted everywhere and it will protect you from inflation, recession and your currency collapsing currency.

The familiar same name and one to one value of Amen 153 country currencies to your local currency in blockchain assets which can be used to buy and sell products and services, as simply as you do with your country’s traditional currency makes Amen$ system the first and only chance for mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

How Amen$ System Works.

Amen$ cryptocurrency system consists of Amen Dollar International (Amen$) and Amen 153 country local currencies. 

At the time of buying and selling, the total value of Amen International (Amen$) well always equal to the total value of all 153 Amen country currencies in USD

Your local currency value = your local Amen cryptocurrency value  ( created at 153 Amen country currencies  ) (Example in the USA one USD = one US$ Amen ).

Each person can use their local fiat currency or their local Amen cryptocurrency to buy everyday products and services. (Example in the USA you can use USD or US$ Amen).

Each person can use his local fiat currency, USD or Amen International (Amen$) to add his local Amen cryptocurrency ( Amen 153 country currencies ) to his digital wallet.

When people around the world purchase any of the 153 Amen country currencies, using USD or local currency their purchase will be automatically subtracted from the total amount of Amen$ in circulation. Which will automatically increase the value of Amen$.

For Example:

At the time of buying and selling

If you live in China, your local fiat currency Chinese Renminbi = $0.15 USD = Chinese Renminbi Amen (¥ Amen)  and Amen$ = 0.0009 USD,

Then one Chinese Renminbi Amen (¥ Amen) = 0.15 / 0.0009 = 166.66 Amen$ and 100 Chinese Renminbi Amen (¥ Amen) = 166.66 X 100 = 16666 Amen$. 

If you purchase 100 Chinese Renminbi Amen (¥ Amen) , it will cost you a total of

100 Chinese Renminbi (you local fiat currency) or 0.15 X 100 = 15 USD 

Once you complete the transaction, the 100 ¥ Amen will be added to your digital Wallet, while its equivalent value (16666 Amen$) will be subtracted from the total amount of Amen$ in circulation. Which will automatically increase the value of Amen$.

Protect yourself against the ongoing trade war between USA and China

Amen$ Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was just released.

Buy Amen$ using bank transfer, Debit or Credit card for just $0.0009 USD before the price goes up!

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